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Inside the Therapy Room: Understanding My Counselling Style

So often I'm asked what my counselling style is like. In many ways it will depend on you, and what's going on for you. In fact, from week to week sessions may look quite different for you. But that's not super helpful if you're trying to work out if I'm the right counsellor for you. So here are some general themes:

  • We'll be in a comfortable space with nobody overhearing us.

  • I will listen and be present for you, just as you are.

  • We'll go at your pace. There is no rush for you to tell me everything, we'll get to it all when you're ready.

  • There will be time to reflect, time to process, to sit with your feelings, to allow them to move through you, to consider your options, brainstorm ideas, make plans.

  • We will pay attention to what your body is telling you about what is going on. Your body has SO much wisdom, but in this fast paced world we often miss it. If connecting with your body feels difficult, we'll look at alternatives.

  • I might try to explain some theories to you. Really practical and helpful things. For example, why we can't think straight if we're feeling angry.

  • If there is trauma we will not launch head first into what happened. Instead we will work on making you feel safe.

  • There might be silence. Yes, silence. Not the awkward kind, but the productive kind. This is part of slowing down, paying attention, processing and noticing.

  • We may look at self care, practice some grounding techniques, do some breath work, get out the colouring pencils and do some doodling.

  • Most of all I will follow your lead. It is your weekly session to use however you need.

All counsellors practise differently, so there is always going to be someone who will work well for your situation and personality. Don't be afraid to ask questions of potential counsellors to find out if they're right for you.

If you'd like to know more about how I work - please get in touch! Always happy to answer questions.

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